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WordPress dependency management with Composer



WordPress dependency management with Composer

  • Sunday, February 18, 2018
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WP Starter

WordPress dependency management with Composer

With Composer, you can define the WordPress core as a dependency so you never have to include it in your repo. You can also specify which plugins and themes you want to require., (*1)

WordPress core files

For this to work, the WordPress core needs to be put in its own directory., (*2)

The included composer.json file is already set up to do all of this for you., (*3)

Plugins and themes

If the plugins/themes you want are published to the wordpress.org SVN repo, they will also be available on WordPress Packagist, which is a Composer repository that mirrors the SVN repo., (*4)

If you want to install a plugin from your version control system (Git, SVN, etc.), please follow these instructions., (*5)

The included composer.json file has an example of getting a plugin from Github., (*6)


Install Composer before you do anything else., (*7)

Use this repo as the basis for a new project

composer create-project -s dev --prefer-dist --no-interaction -- webdeveric/wp-starter ./your-folder-here

Local development

Run composer setup-hooks to setup the git pre-commit hook. It will check coding standards and run tests when you commit., (*8)

I've included a Dockerfile that is based on php:7.4-apache-buster. Some additional modules, such as Xdebug, APC, and APCu are also installed., (*9)

A sample DB will be imported the first time you build. The WordPress username and password are both wp., (*10)

To get started, run the following:, (*11)

:one: make install, (*12)

:two: make dev, (*13)

You may want to view the Makefile to see all the commands., (*14)

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WordPress dependency management with Composer

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