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project laravel-custom

Laravel custom package with pre-installed components



Laravel custom package with pre-installed components

  • Tuesday, June 7, 2016
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Laravel Custom App

Build Status, (*1)

Latest Stable Version, (*2)


This package is a standard laravel 5.1.* installation, but with some additional content and pre-configured, (*3)

Additional Content

  • Whoops
  • Heroku deploy ready, create your app, add heroku-buildpack-multi and push to heroku
  • Laravel Collective
  • Prettus L5 Repository
  • IDE Helper Files for Facades, Models and PhpStorm autocompletation
  • Laravel Collective Remote
  • Artisan Command for git pull on remote server
  • Debugbar
  • Bower pre-configured with Jquery, Bootstrap, Font-Awesome and Sweetalert
  • Login and register views and routes pre-configured
  • Reset password system
  • pt-BR language


composer create-project digitalserra/laravel-custom project-name "~1.0"
  • Install the prerequisites, (*4)

    npm install
    bower install
    php artisan migrate

    Get template options and layouts at NEON Dashboard Theme, (*5)


This skeleton comes with docker containers preconfigured. See docker-compose.yml for adding or removing containers. A number of build-in commands is available:, (*6)

php artisan docker:up | down | restart - Start, drop or restart the docker containers specified on docker-compose.yml, (*7)


Caddy is a web server like apache or nginx, but with support for HTTP/2 and HTTPS by default. HTTP/2 is a new version of HTTP that makes your website load faster. HTTP/2 is enabled by default when the connection is served over HTTPS. A Caddyfile is present on this project, working for laravel. Feel free to modify then., (*8)

Please refer to caddy documentation or github repository for more information. For using caddy as a service, like on nginx for example, see here, (*9)


The following commands is available for usage:, (*10)

php artisan docker:up | down | restart - Start, drop or restart the docker containers specified on docker-compose.yml, (*11)

php artisan ssh:run {command} | pull {--folder=public_html | --branch=master} - Execute ssh operations, (*12)


Set new persistent notifications with:, (*13)


Type must be one of: info, success, error or warning You can automatically set a session message passing true as the fourth argument:, (*14)


This will create a session notification based on: edvinaskrucas/notification You can get the number of new notifications created on the latest request using Notify::getNotificationCount(), (*15)


This skeleton comes with multiple unit tests, (*16)



The Laravel framework and this package is open-sourced software licensed under the MIT license, (*17)

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