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My first package



My first package

  • Sunday, September 3, 2017
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Composer Library Template

If you are trying to create a new PHP Composer library, whether it will be going to submitted to packagist.org or just in your Github account, this template of files will surely help you make the process a lot easier and faster., (*1)


  • PSR-4 autoloading compliant structure
  • Unit-Testing with PHPUnit
  • Comprehensive Guides and tutorial
  • Easy to use to any framework or even a plain php file

I encourage that you put more information on this readme file instead of leaving it as is. See [http://www.darwinbiler.com/designing-and-making-the-readme-file-for-your-github-repository/](How to make a README file) for more info., (*2)

The Versions

03/09 2017



My first package

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The Requires

  • php >=5.4


The Development Requires

by Deependra Singh

template composer package