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API centric, multi-tenant, and modular Audience Management System



API centric, multi-tenant, and modular Audience Management System

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GitHub license Scrutinizer Code Quality, (*1)

AudienceHero is a modular, API-Centric, and multi-tenant community Management System for the independent creators. It aims to be the all-in-one toolkit for anybody needing to sustainably grow an audience., (*2)

The project is organized around a core, with extensions providing several different features., (*3)

  • AcquisitionFreeDownloadBundle: Exchange media against fans email addresses.
  • ActivityBundle: Log events, and aggregate stats.
  • ContactBundle: Contact Management.
  • ContactImportCsvBundle: Import contacts details from a CSV file.
  • CoreBundle: AudienceHero's core.
  • FileBundle: Media management.
  • ImageServerBundle: Image server.
  • MailingCampaign: Send mass mailing to contacts.
  • PodcastBundle: Podcast channels and episodes management.
  • PromoBundle: Send unreleased media to people, and gather feedback.
  • SitemapBundle: Generate sitemaps.


AudienceHero is alpha software. Things can be broken, and might change., (*4)


  1. composer install
  2. yarn
  3. ./bin/console audiencehero:generate:configuration
  4. NODE_ENV=development yarn run encore dev

Experimental:, (*5)

  1. docker-compose up

At this point, you have all the necessary files to run the projet. You will still need to configure your virtualhost., (*6)


Documentation is available in the docs directory, and on the official website: http://www.audiencehero.org., (*7)


Contributions are welcome. There is plenty of ways to make this project better, and code is only a small part of then. You can contribute by:, (*8)

  • writing documentation
  • fixing typos
  • tweaking the design
  • tweaking the UX
  • contributing to the core
  • writing extensions
  • sponsoring the development

Before engaging in a large contribution, be sure to communicate with the project team before., (*9)

The project is subject to a Contributor Code Of Conduct., (*10)


AudienceHero has been created by Marc Weistroff., (*11)


AudienceHero is an Open Source software, released under the MIT License., (*12)

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