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ATE stat project



ATE stat project

  • Tuesday, July 18, 2017
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Ceragon ATE stat web site project

ATE Stat project base on Yii 2 Basic Project Template is a skeleton, (*1)

Latest Stable Version Total Downloads Build Status, (*2)


  assets/             contains assets definition
  commands/           contains console commands (controllers)
  config/             contains application configurations
  controllers/        contains Web controller classes
  mail/               contains view files for e-mails
  models/             contains model classes
  runtime/            contains files generated during runtime
  tests/              contains various tests for the basic application
  themes/             contains AdminLTE layouts and assets    
  vendor/             contains dependent 3rd-party packages
  views/              contains view files for the Web application
  web/                contains the entry script and Web resources


The minimum requirement by this project that your Web server supports PHP 5.4.0., (*3)

Access the application through the following URL:, (*4)


The Versions