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laravel processors

A simple package to clean up cluttered controllers.



A simple package to clean up cluttered controllers.

  • Wednesday, December 9, 2015
  • by mace015
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Processor layer for Laravel

If there is one thing I hate, its cluttered controllers, to fix that problem in big applications, I came up with my own method/layer to put all the logic in: the processor layer!, (*1)

Using this package is very simple! This package comes with 2 artisan commands; - processor:init - Creates the Processors folder in the App folder and 2 base classes inside the Processors folder. - make:processor - Creates a an empty processor., (*2)

Calling a processor from anywhere is very simple; - Import the processor facade at the top: use Processor;. - Call a processor to be executed: return Processor::init('TestProcessor', array('next' => 'home'))->function();., (*3)


Installing this package is very simple; - Install the package with composer: composer require muilman/processors. - Add the service provider to Config/app.php: Muilman\Processors\ProcessorServiceProvider::class. - Optional: Add the Processors alias to the aliases in Config/app.php: 'Processor' => '\App\Processors\BaseProcessor',., (*4)

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09/12 2015



A simple package to clean up cluttered controllers.

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by Mace Muilman