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SilverStripe CronKeep integration - Cronjob management via web interface



SilverStripe CronKeep integration - Cronjob management via web interface

  • Wednesday, April 19, 2017
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Manage cronjobs from SilverStripe

This module wraps CronKeep into the Silverstripe framework. It contains an adapted & patched version of the excellent CronKeep tool, making cron-job management available to admins via the SilverStripe dev-tasks., (*1)


composer require restruct/silverstripe-cronkeep:@stable

CronKeep can then be openend (after a ?flush=1) as /dev/tasks/, (*2)

SilverStripe CronKeep module - Cronjob management via web interface

CronKeep is a web-based crontab management tool which enables teams to have visibility over what cron jobs are scheduled, run jobs on demand, add new cron jobs in a human-friendly way, or pause a cron schedule from going off, without the need for sysadmin-level access., (*3)

CronKeep — Add Job screen, (*4)


  • Run cron jobs on demand
  • Add new jobs in a simple way
  • Pause a cron job schedule
  • Change or delete existing jobs
  • Minimal setup required (no database dependency)

Live Demo

See the app in action at demo.cronkeep.com. Running cron jobs is disabled in the demo app., (*5)


The current CronKeep version interacts only with the crontab of the user Apache is running as. This means it will only have access to the jobs added for user www-data, apache or nobody, depending on your system., (*6)


CronKeep is a free to use application, both for non-profit and commercial organizations, licensed under the terms of Apache License 2.0. Contributions are encouraged., (*7)

SensioLabsInsight, (*8)

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