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An add-on for adaptive images.



An add-on for adaptive images.

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Retina images

An add-on for adaptive images

Allows support for high-resolution displays by automatically creating different assets representing the same image. It specifies bitmapped images by adding a srcset attribute to the img element, as specified by the W3C draft http://www.w3.org/html/wg/drafts/srcset/w3c-srcset/, (*1)

It does it out the box on through the template, WYSIWYG requires a modification to your getCMSFields() method., (*2)

Older browsers require a polyfill. All modern browsers support the tag, (*3)

Only resized images will be have adaptive images generated, for example $Image.paddedImage(50). There's no point in upscaling native images, but you can force halving images changing the boolean on $forceretina in RetinaImage.php. Note this will half the size of every non resized image., (*4)


  • Install the add-on
  • run ?flush=1 on your page
  • done! time for a beer

WYSIWYG support

You'll need to modify your getCMSFields() function. create() a \HtmlEditorField isntead of using new, there's a custom class that will modify its behaviour. In most cases you'll only need to do this once in your Page.php file:, (*5)

$fields->removeFieldFromTab('Root.Main', 'Content');
    HtmlEditorField::create('Content', _t('SiteTree.HTMLEDITORTITLE', 'Content', 'HTML editor title')),

How it works

When creating a generated image it creates three different images, scaled up to the following factors: 1.0x, 1.5x, and 2.0x. The default generated image is also created, which is used as the src attribute. These image urls are then placed into the srcset tag., (*6)

Tweaking the variables

The yml config has two variables, qualityDegrade and qualityCap. qualityDegrade is the percentage per ratio to degrade by as the images get bigger. A qualityDegrade of 30 will degrade a 2x image by 30% (with a default quality of 75% it will be 45%). qualityCap is there to make sure you don’t go too low., (*7)

There are plenty of online resources that describe why lowering the quality is a good idea as the images get larger., (*8)

srcset Polyfills

https://github.com/borismus/srcset-polyfill/ https://github.com/culshaw/srcset http://jimbobsquarepants.github.io/srcset-polyfill/, (*9)

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15/07 2015


9999999-dev https://github.com/chitosystems/silverstripe-retina-images

An add-on for adaptive images.

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