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symfony-bundle crud-generator

This bundle generates a nice CRUD



This bundle generates a nice CRUD

  • Thursday, April 11, 2013
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This Symfony2 bundle aims to be the bundle that you are looking for create a nice CRUD with pagination, filter, translation and Twitter bootstrap 2.2.2 features., (*1)

This bundle is inspired in an article wrote by Ricard Clau: Extending SensioGeneratorBundle for our Admin Areas, (*2)

Build Status, (*3)


Screenshot, (*4)

Why use a CRUD generator?

Well, because CRUD generator creates simple code, no magic, no configuration files, just simple and plain code that you can extend and modify easily., (*5)


Using composer

Add following lines to your composer.json file:, (*6)

Symfony 2.2

"require": {
  "jordillonch/crud-generator": "dev-master"
"minimum-stability": "dev",

Symfony 2.1

"require": {
  "jordillonch/crud-generator": "2.1.x-dev"
"minimum-stability": "dev",

Execute:, (*7)

php composer.phar update

Add it to the AppKernel.php class:, (*8)

new Lexik\Bundle\FormFilterBundle\LexikFormFilterBundle(),
new Smith981\CrudGeneratorBundle\Smith981CrudGeneratorBundle(),

and:, (*9)

$bundles[] = new Sensio\Bundle\GeneratorBundle\SensioGeneratorBundle();

Add it to your app/config/config.yml, (*10)

    translator: { fallback: en }

            - LexikFormFilterBundle:Form:form_div_layout.html.twig

This bundle only works with Symfony 2.1 and 2.2 version., (*11)


This bundle extends SensioGeneratorBundle and add a paginator using PagerFanta and filter support using LexikFormFilterBundle., (*12)


Use following command from console:, (*13)

app/console jordillonch:generate:crud

As you will see there is no config file. You will generate a CRUD code with all fields from your entity. But after code generation you are free to modify the code because there is no magic just a simple code that is very easy to understand., (*14)

You have to know that if you reuse the command to recreate same entity, first you must delete controller and form files from previous generation., (*15)


Jordi Llonch - llonch.jordi at gmail dot com, (*16)

Translation support

Gonzalo Alonso - gonkpo at gmail dot com, (*17)


CrudGeneratorBundle is licensed under the MIT License. See the LICENSE file for full details., (*18)

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