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Powerful propel admin generator.



Powerful propel admin generator.

  • Wednesday, November 11, 2015
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Build Status, (*1)

SmirikPropelAdminBundle is a missing admin generator for Symfony2. It allows to create config-based flexible administrative tool for any propel data. It works "out of the box". You only need to install it & run the console command., (*2)

Features:, (*3)

  • Console "out of the box" creating admin tool.
  • Overriding any templates and/or actions via config or inheritance.
  • Admin tools for any bundle even external like FOSUserBundle.


If you are using smirik/propel-admin-bundle since version 1.0, please use 1.0.x branch for compability issues., (*4)


  • [2013-08-08]: New publish/unpublish standard action. Major refactoring. Update documentation.
  • [2013-08-07]: Branch to 1.0.x for support.
  • [2013-05-30]: Update documentation for file-based fields & related stuff.
  • [2013-05-30]: Add support for file-upload fields.


Check Resources/doc/index.md for the documentation., (*5)

Getting started

All instructions are in documentation., (*6)


To see the functionality in action you can clone sandbox: SmirikPropelAdminDemoBundle. It is already configured project with 2 models (Category and Page) & generated PropelAdmin classes & configs., (*7)

Contribution & Tests

To run test suite install dependencies: ``` bash php composer.phar install, (*8)

and run `phpspec` test suite: ``` bash bin/phpspec run

Any contribution & pull requests are welcome. git-flow is used for this project, that's why use develop branch for new features. master branch is used only for hotfixes & stable releases., (*9)


MIT. Complete License is available in Resources/meta/LICENSE, (*10)

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