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Provides a CKEditor integration for your Symfony project.



Provides a CKEditor integration for your Symfony project.

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The bundle provides a CKEditor 4 integration for your Symfony Project. It automatically registers the new ckeditor form type which can be easily as well as highly configured., (*4)

Migration from IvoryCKEditorBundle to FOSCKEditorBundle

As IvoryCKEditorBundle was abandoned, FriendsOfSymfony took this bundle over, to help you easily migrate just follow our guide., (*5)


Please, read the official documentation., (*6)


This bundle is released under the MIT license. See the included LICENSE file for more information., (*7)

## Contribute

We love contributors! Ivory is an open source project. If you'd like to contribute, feel free to propose a PR! You can follow the CONTRIBUTING file which will explain you how to set up the project., (*8)

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