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symfony-bundle file-manager-bundle

File manager bundle for Symfony2.



File manager bundle for Symfony2.

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ChillDev FileManager bundle

ChillDevFileManagerBundle is a Symfony2 bundle that provides file management features from your web application., (*1)

Build Status Scrutinizer Quality Score Coverage Status Dependency Status, (*2)


This bundle is provided as Composer package. To install it simply add following dependency definition to your composer.json file:, (*3)

"chilldev/file-manager-bundle": "dev-master"

Replace dev-master with different constraint if you want to use specific version., (*4)

Note: This bundle requires PHP 5.4., (*5)

Note: You also need default templating engine installed and make sure all required bundles are also loaded in your application. See installation instructions for details about that., (*6)


In order to use this bundle, load it in your kernel:, (*7)


use ChillDev\Bundle\FileManagerBundle\ChillDevFileManagerBundle;

use Symfony\Component\HttpKernel\Kernel as BaseKernel;

class Kernel extends BaseKernel
    public function registerBundles()
        $bundles = [
            new ChillDevFileManagerBundle(),

Include bundle routes:, (*8)

    resource: "@ChillDevFileManagerBundle/Controller/"
    type: "annotation"
    prefix: "/filemanager"

And then configure your disks:, (*9)

            label: "Your filesystem"
            source: "/var/www/"

See configuration options for details., (*10)



In general, ChillDevFileManagerBundle is end-user ready (or at least should be) component. However there can be some issues related to frontend presentation that you can be interested in (mainly JavaScript-related). For list of things you need to know to get best experience of this bundle UI see usage documentation., (*11)

Actions handlers

Another aspect which you may be interested in is implementing own file actions. You can easily extend ChillDevFileManagerBundle to allow additional file actions (even filetype-specific). You can bind your own action handler to specific MIME type by registring your instances of HandlerInterface interface:, (*12)

class MyHandler implements HandlerInterface
    public function getLabel()
        return 'My action';

    public function supports($mimeType)
        return preg_match('#^image/#', $mimeType) > 0;

    public function handle(Request $request, Disk $disk, $path)
        // handle action request

You can read more detailed info here., (*13)


As a bonus, you can integrate ChillDevFileManagerBundle with SonataAdminBundle. You can read about how to do that in this section., (*14)



Do you want to help improving this project? Simply fork it and post a pull request. You can do everything on your own, you don't need to ask if you can, just do all the awesome things you want!, (*15)

This project is published under MIT license., (*16)


ChillDevFileManagerBundle is brought to you by Chillout Development., (*17)

List of contributors:, (*18)

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