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  • Friday, January 26, 2018
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According to statistic from EyeView’s study, Video on landing page can increase conversion by up to 86%. Today there are a lot of marketers use video to promote their business. Have you used Video landing page yet? If not, Ves video landing page will be perfect for you. We offer you this extension for free, (*1)

1. Documentation

  • Installation guide: https://blog.landofcoder.com/magento-2-install-extension/
  • Download from our Live site: http://www.venustheme.com/theme/ves-video-landing-page/
  • Get Support: https://venustheme.ticksy.com/

2. How to install Extension

Install via composer (recommend)

Your magento 2 extensions can be installed in a few minutes by going through these following steps, (*2)

Step 1: Download/purchase the extension, (*3)

Step 2: Unzip the file in a temporary directory, (*4)

Step 3: Upload it to your Magento installation root directory, (*5)

Step 4: Disable the cache under System­ >> Cache Management, (*6)

Step 5: Enter the following at the command line:, (*7)

php ­f bin/magento setup:upgrade, (*8)

Step 6: After opening Stores­ >>Configuration >­>Advanced >­> Advanced, the module will be shown in the admin panel, (*9)

3. What make people fall in love with the extensions

Fully Responsive video landing page

The extension lets you create a responsive landing page for different devices such as: mobile, tablets, laptop, PC., (*10)

Unique fullscreen HTML5 video header

If you are looking for a way of showing full screen video landing page, this extension is a smart choice., (*11)

A full width header slider as an alternative

Besides video, the extension also allows you to display landing page with full width header slider., (*12)

3 Captions with Tons of Effects and styles

Currently, Ves Video Landing Page supports 3 Captions with Tons of Effects., (*13)

Easy to Use

This Extension lets you show video landing page easy. All you need is add video ID. Also you can turn ON/OFF Video loop, Auto Play, Mute, (*14)

LandOfCoder, Venustheme extensions on Magento Marketplace, Github

The Versions

26/01 2018




  Sources   Download

OSL-3.0 AFL-3.0

The Requires

  • php ~5.5.0|~5.6.0|~7.0.0
  • magento/module-store 100.0.*
  • magento/module-theme 100.0.*
  • magento/module-widget 100.0.*
  • magento/module-backend 100.0.*
  • magento/module-catalog 100.0.*
  • magento/module-ui 100.0.*
  • magento/module-media-storage 100.0.*
  • magento/framework 100.0.*