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  • Friday, January 26, 2018
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Ves Megastore is suited for digital store, computer store, mobile store, TV store, camera store, machine store, tool store., (*1)

Ves Megastore help to show products with it’s best advantage. Modern and responsive design will draw customer attention for the first time. Neat and clean layout show items more attractively., (*2)

Ves Megastore comes with responsive design. No matter what devices shopper use, your site will work perfectly., (*3)

With VesTheme Control Module let you easily control Template Direction, Changing Theme, Template Width via updating few configuration without hacking, customizing code., (*4)

1. Documentation

  • Installation guide: http://www.venustheme.com/guides/ves_megastore/
  • Download from our Live site: http://www.venustheme.com/theme/ves-megastore/
  • Get Support: https://venustheme.ticksy.com/

2. How to install Theme

Download and Upload the Theme Once you have download the Magento 2 theme of your choice, you will receive a zipped version. Unzip it and upload the files to the public root directory of your Magento 2 store., (*5)

Note: You can use FileZilla for it too., (*6)

Connect Store with SSH Now go to the root directory of your store via SSH., (*7)

Upgrade the setup by running this command:, (*8)

php bin/magento setup:upgrade, (*9)

Now deploy the static content by running this command:, (*10)

php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy, (*11)

Activate the Theme Navigate to CONTENT → Configuration from the Admin Panel of your store., (*12)

Click on Edit to apply the theme., (*13)

Here, you can change and activate your theme. Select your theme from Applied Theme option and then just click on Save Configuration., (*14)

Go to the web browser and launch your store, and you will be greeted with your newly applied theme., (*15)

Wrapping Up Every ecommerce store has some requirements that makes it successful, and your store’s theme is one of them. You can easily install and theme on your Magento 2 if you follow the tutorial above. But if you want, you can also create your own custom theme in Magento 2., (*16)

If you have any confusion or you think I have missed anything, use the comment box below!, (*17)

View detail: https://blog.landofcoder.com/magento-2-install-theme-manually/, (*18)

LandOfCoder extensions on Magento Marketplace, Github

The Versions

26/01 2018




  Sources   Download

OSL-3.0 AFL-3.0

The Requires

  • php ~5.5.0|~5.6.0|~7.0.0
  • magento/module-store 100.0.*
  • magento/module-theme 100.0.*
  • magento/module-widget 100.0.*
  • magento/module-backend 100.0.*
  • magento/module-catalog 100.0.*
  • magento/module-ui 100.0.*
  • magento/module-media-storage 100.0.*
  • magento/framework 100.0.*