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Amazon ECS PHP bare php project



Amazon ECS PHP bare php project

  • Wednesday, February 17, 2016
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Amazon ECS PHP bare php project (wip)

Directions on how to launch this sample app on Amazon ECS can be found in the documentation: Docker basics., (*1)

Local setup

Create docker image

docker build -t local-wordpress-image ., (*2)

Run the newly built image.

The -p 80:80 option maps the exposed port 80 on the container to port 80 on the host system. For more information about docker run, go to the Docker run reference., (*3)

docker run -p 80:80 local-wordpress-image, (*4)

Open a browser and point to the server that is running Docker and hosting your container., (*5)

If you are using boot2docker on a Windows or Mac computer, find the IP address of the VirtualBox VM that is hosting Docker with the boot2docker ip command., (*6)

example: $ boot2docker ip, (*7)

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Amazon ECS PHP bare php project

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