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Generating PHP Unittest



Generating PHP Unittest

  • Friday, November 18, 2016
  • by tom-sapletta-com
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PHP Unit Test Generator (in progress, not ready...)

Build Status, (*1)


With UnittestGenerator is possible create some part of file, but not all, beacue it is what must by defined by user, but i will try find some easy solution in the future, which can help with testing datatype and many methods. + files + class name + one method This is version based on Phunc implementation with more classes, another version one class exist here: https://github.com/tom-sapletta-com/unittest-generator, (*2)


https://tom.sapletta.com/en/project-en/a-tool-to-automatically-generate-phpunit-tests/, (*3)


$scaninfo = new UnittestGenerator($folder_project, $folder_test, $namespace_project, $project_author);

How it works

configuration data + set path_source for searching php classes + set path_test folder for tests + template for unit test, (*4)

find in path_source php files and get just classes: + no interface + no abstract + no functions, (*5)

generate files for test content in path_test folder show summary, (*6)

The Versions

18/11 2016


9999999-dev https://github.com/tom-sapletta-com/phunc-unittest-generator

Generating PHP Unittest

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by Tomasz Sapletta

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