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Canvas ICS Sync

Latest Version Scrutinizer Code Quality, (*1)

Important Note

Due to the time crunch of the start of school, all of the code currently moving towards a self-service, OAuth-authenticated calendar syncing system has been put into the oauth fork of this repository. At last check, it wasn't reliably working, but it should be fixed... soon!, (*2)

The current master fork is a throw-back to the mid-summer that does work, but requires some tech savvy to get working., (*3)

Read Me

A pair (trio?) of tools for working with Canvas and ICS feeds. There is an export tool that exposes the pre-existing ICS feed for course calendars and there is an import tool that pairs an ICS feed with (theoretically) a course, group or user in Canvas and imports all of the ICS events into that calendar, deleting any residual events created by prior imports of that pairing. The quasi-third tool, a sync tool, is really just a wrapper for using crontab to trigger regular re-imports of an ICS feed pairing., (*4)

Some care has been taken to protect privacy by not caching the actual calendar events in our MySQL database cache of ICS/Canvas pairings, but, of course, potentially private information is passing through third party hands, etc., etc., (*5)

This would benefit from an OAuth setup, so that individual users could set up their own pairings. However, at the moment, it requires administrative intervention and relies on a single API user, Calendar API Process, to handle all imports. The API user is an admin on our main account., (*6)

The Versions

06/03 2018


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06/03 2018


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27/03 2017
27/03 2017
02/07 2015


An LTI Tool Provider that also provides access to the Canvas API

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The Requires


by Seth Battis