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SMS Orange API library



SMS Orange API library

  • Thursday, April 14, 2016
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SMS Orange

Build Status, (*1)

SMS Orange API package is a framework agnostic PHP library for facilitating communication between a client application and SMS Orange API endpoints., (*2)


Work in progress, not for public use.., (*3)


In order to install the api package in your application, you will need composer and PHP >= 5.4, (*4)

If you don't have composer installed, follow these instructions first:, (*5)

https://getcomposer.org/doc/00-intro.md#globally, (*6)

After confirming your composer installation, continue with the instructions below., (*7)

Put the following line in your composer require array, (*8)

"smsorange/api-library": "dev-master"

or, if you do not have the composer initiated in your project, create the composer.json file in the project root and paste these lines:, (*9)

  "require": {
    "smsorange/api-library": "dev-master"

then, from the project root, run this command in terminal, (*10)

composer install

API Token

In order to use this library, you must have your API Token ready. Contact SmsOrange if you don't have one., (*11)

API Parameters

Type Step Method Parameters Data type / format
Cruise Search search cruise_data[from_date] br/ cruise_data[to_date] br/ cruise_data[cruises_cruise_line_id] br/ cruise_data[destination_id] br/ cruise_data[ship_code]br/ cruise_data[departure_port_id] yyyy-mm br/ yyyy-mm br/ int br/ intbr/ int br/ int
Select select cruise-code br/ webservice string br/ string
GetComponents getComponents fare_code* br/ cruise-code br/ guests string br/ string br/ array
GetAvailableCategories getAvailableCategories cruise-code br/ cruise-guests string br/ array
GetCabins getCabins cruise-code br/ category-code string br/ string
HoldCabin holdCabin cruise-code br/ cabin_number br/ dining_preference br/ first_name br/ last_name string br/ int br/ string br/ string br/ string
Book book cruise-code br/ guest_data** string br/ array

** Guest data array for each guest, needs to contain the following keys, (*12)

Key Type
first_name string
last_name string
localized_name* string
nationality string (use options from the example app)
gender string (Male, Female, NotAvailable)
birth_date string (dd/mm/yyyy)
place_of_birth* string
language_code string (use options from the example app)
home_phone string
mobile_phone* string
email* string
residence_address string
residence_city string
residence_state string
residence_country string (use options from the example app)
document_type string (currently, only Maltese id_card is supported)
document_number string
document_issue_date string (dd/mm/yyyy)
document_expiration_date string (dd/mm/yyyy)
document_issued_in_city string
document_issued_in_country string (use options from the example app)
emergency_info_first_name* string
emergency_info_last_name* string
emergency_info_telephone_number* string
  • Optional

Technical documentation

You can find the technical docs in the 'docs' folder. Just run the index.html in your browser., (*13)


MIT ©, (*14)

The Versions

14/04 2016


9999999-dev http://sms.com.mt/

SMS Orange API library

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The Requires


The Development Requires

by Luca Pellegrino

06/04 2016

v0.1.0 http://sms.com.mt/

SMS Orange API library

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The Requires


The Development Requires

by Luca Pellegrino