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Sync Eloquent models with google spreadsheets



Sync Eloquent models with google spreadsheets

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Laravel Eloquent sync with Google Spreadsheets

Latest Version on Packagist Software License StyleCI, (*1)

Fast Preview:, (*2)

Preview, (*3)


Via Composer:, (*4)

``` bash $ composer require rhincodon/laravel-eloquent-spreadsheets, (*5)

Register Service Provider in `config/app.php`: ```php Rhinodontypicus\EloquentSpreadsheets\EloquentSpreadsheetsServiceProvider::class,

Publish config:, (*6)

php artisan vendor:publish --provider="Rhinodontypicus\EloquentSpreadsheets\EloquentSpreadsheetsServiceProvider" --tag="config"

Fetch Google Credentials

In Google Console create Service Account:, (*7)

Step 1:, (*8)

Step 1, (*9)

Step 2:, (*10)

Step 2, (*11)

After pressing Create it will give you credentials file, which you can use in your project. Just save it somewhere in storage., (*12)

You also need to give access to spreadsheets that will be used to that service Account. Just copy client_email from credentials file, and use it to give access., (*13)


To start use package you need to specify array of models that will be synced in config file. It is a self-explainable config., (*14)

For now is working add, update, delete actions from app to spreadsheet. And update action from spreadsheet to app. All actions processed in queue., (*15)

If you want sync(only update action work) data back to app from spreadsheet, schedule following command:, (*16)



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The MIT License (MIT). Please see License File for more information., (*17)

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