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Error-reducing base-27 encoding



Error-reducing base-27 encoding

  • Thursday, June 20, 2013
  • by rfreebern
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Express Alphanumeric Symbol Identification with Error Reduction, (*1)

Easier is a base-27 encoder/decoder designed to reduce human error when inputting encoded strings., (*2)

The goal of Easier is to simplify transmitting data between humans and computers by collapsing glyphs of similar appearance. For example, humans often have difficulty determining whether they’re looking at a lowercase ‘l’ or a capital ‘I’. Easier makes this ambiguity immaterial., (*3)

Easier enables confidently sharing strings even in media where print quality or font choice may render some glyphs difficult to decipher. Easier-encoded strings are particularly useful in shortened URLs destined to be shared in print, written by hand, or glimpsed in passing., (*4)


If you use Packagist, add rfreebern/easier to the "requirements" section of your composer.json and run composer.phar update., (*5)


Include the library: use rfreebern\Easier as Easier;, (*6)

Encode a decimal number: $encoded = Easier::encode(8675309);, (*7)

Decode an Easier number: $number = Easier::decode($encoded);, (*8)

Easier can also be used in object context:, (*9)

$easier = new Easier(69105);
$encoded = $easier->encode();
$another = $easier->encode(1048576);


Easier has a full PHPUnit test suite. Simply run phpunit . in the Easier root directory., (*10)

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Error-reducing base-27 encoding

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