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Queue Client Symfony Bundle



Queue Client Symfony Bundle

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Queue Client Bundle

Join the chat at https://gitter.im/ReputationVIP/queue-client, (*1)

An easy way to use queue client library in Symfony project with its own Symfony bundle., (*2)

Available commands

  • queue-client:add-messages Add message in queue
  • queue-client:create-queues Create queues
  • queue-client:delete-queues Delete queues
  • queue-client:get-messages Get messages from queue
  • queue-client:list-priorities List priorities
  • queue-client:purge-queues Purge queues
  • queue-client:queues-info Display queues information

Use --help option for command usage., (*3)


Add queue client configuration in config.yml and retrieve the service using Symfony container., (*4)


queue_client node needs an adapter node to define the adapter to be used. adapter node must define a type parameter (see "Available adapter types"), (*5)

Then add specific configuration for each type., (*6)

        type: queue type

Sample configuration:, (*7)

    queues_file: %kernel.root_dir%/config/queues.yml
        type: file
        repository: /tmp/queues
    priority_handler: 'ReputationVIP\QueueClient\PriorityHandler\ThreeLevelPriorityHandler'

General configuration

  • queues_file specifies the default queues configuration file.
  • queue_prefix specifies a queue prefix can use in queues configuration file.
  • priority_handler specifies the priority handler. Default is the ReputationVIP\QueueClient\PriorityHandler\StandardPriorityHandler.

Available adapter types

  • null a black hole type.
  • memory a memory type.
  • file a file queue type.
  • sqs a SQS queue type.

File type Configuration

  • repository: this config value set the absolute path of the repository which contains queues files (default /tmp/queues).

SQS type Configuration

  • key: this config value set the SQS key.
  • secret: this config value set the SQS secret.
  • region: this config value set the SQS region (default eu-west-1).
  • version: this config value set the SQS version (default 2012-11-05).

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