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Full-sized drag & drop event calendar (jQuery plugin)



Full-sized drag & drop event calendar (jQuery plugin)

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FullCalendar - Full-sized drag & drop event calendar

This document describes how to modify or contribute to the FullCalendar project. If you are looking for end-developer documentation, please visit the project homepage., (*1)

Getting Set Up

You will need Git, Node, and NPM installed. For clarification, please view the jQuery readme, which requires a similar setup., (*2)

Also, you will need the grunt-cli and bower packages installed globally (-g) on your system:, (*3)

npm install -g grunt-cli bower

Then, clone FullCalendar's git repo:, (*4)

git clone git://github.com/arshaw/fullcalendar.git

Enter the directory and install FullCalendar's development dependencies:, (*5)

cd fullcalendar && npm install

Development Workflow

After you make code changes, you'll want to compile the JS/CSS so that it can be previewed from the tests and demos. You can either manually rebuild each time you make a change:, (*6)

grunt dev

Or, you can run a script that automatically rebuilds whenever you save a source file:, (*7)


You can optionally add the --sourceMap flag to output source maps for debugging., (*8)

When you are finished, run the following command to write the distributable files into the ./build/out/ and ./build/dist/ directories:, (*9)


If you want to clean up the generated files, run:, (*10)

grunt clean

Writing Tests

When fixing a bug or writing a feature, please make a corresponding HTML file in the ./tests/ directory to visually demonstrate your work. If the test requires user intervention to prove its point, please write instructions for the user to follow. Explore the existing tests for more info., (*11)

The Versions

16/04 2014


9999999-dev https://github.com/arshaw/fullcalendar

Full-sized drag & drop event calendar (jQuery plugin)

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