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Bitcoin API to speed up your development.



Bitcoin API to speed up your development.

  • Tuesday, April 15, 2014
  • by michaeljs1990
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Implementation in PHP for the Bitcoin RPC API., (*1)

You must have bitcoind installed on your server in order to use you can download it here. http://bitcoin.org/en/download, (*2)

Getting Started

To download add the following to your composer.json file., (*3)

    "require": {
        "mschuett/bitcoin-dev": "dev-master"

After running composer install you can start using the api below after including autoload in your application., (*4)

require_once __DIR__ . '/vendor/autoload.php'; 

To get started include the following code in your project. If you are using another username than bitcoinrpc you can specify after password. If you are not connecting to localhost you can set this after the user paramater. Most people will only need the following however.
, (*5)

$bitcoind = \Bitcoin\Bitcoin::instance('rpcpassword');

Now you can start interacting with bitcoind. Test it out with the following line of code.
, (*6)


Major Contributors

haveacigaro, (*7)

The Versions

15/04 2014



Bitcoin API to speed up your development.

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The Requires

  • php >=5.3.0


by Michael Schuett