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Localizable Activity Package for Laravel 4.2


In your Laravel project's composer.json file, add activo as a dependency in the require object:, (*1)

"mschinis/activo": "dev-master"

Use composer update for composer to update the dependencies and download the package., (*2)

Once installed, add the ServiceProvider to your provider array within app/config/app.php:, (*3)

'providers' => array(




To publish the configuration file, run:, (*4)

php artisan config:publish mschinis/activo

Then open app/config/packages/mschinis/activo/config.php to setup your configuration. If you are using a different model to access users, than the default Eloquent model for Users that comes prebundled with Laravel, you need to change the following configuration., (*5)


return array(
    'users'         => array('model' => '\User')

You can setup different environmental configurations by creating matching folders inside the app/config/packages/mschinis/activo directory. For instance, if you have a local environment, create a config file at app/config/packages/mschinis/activo/local/config.php for that environment., (*6)


To learn more about on to use this package, check out the wiki., (*7)

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