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Generator Scaffolding for Laravel



Generator Scaffolding for Laravel

  • Friday, September 16, 2016
  • by jrmadsen67
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Mahana Generator Scaffolding

Generator Scaffolding for Laravel 5, (*1)


PLEASE understand before commenting that this is working Proof of Concept code; it does work, but it is limited in the features it supports, still lacks testing, solid documentation, the code is overly simple, etc. This is put out to provide solid examples of how it will work in the end in order to solicit feedback., (*2)

If you have thoughts to share, please do so here: https://github.com/jrmadsen67/MahanaGeneratorScaffolding/issues/1, (*3)

If you have definite "I will use this when it has feature X" comments, please go ahead and open a feature request., (*4)

Thank you for your time in helping to make this a great tool for everyone!, (*5)

What this is

You can read about the thought behind this in more depth here: http://codebyjeff.com/blog/2016/08/introducing-mahana-generator-scaffolding or simply visit our wiki page:, (*6)

https://github.com/jrmadsen67/MahanaGeneratorScaffolding/wiki, (*7)


https://github.com/jrmadsen67/MahanaGeneratorScaffolding/wiki/installation, (*8)


https://github.com/jrmadsen67/MahanaGeneratorScaffolding/wiki/usage, (*9)

Example Usage

https://github.com/jrmadsen67/MahanaGeneratorScaffolding/wiki/Example-Usage, (*10)

The Versions