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Classes for sending email



Classes for sending email

  • Thursday, May 8, 2014
  • by joxiba
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CEmail a PHP class for sending very simple email messages.

Build Status Scrutinizer Code Quality Code Coverage, (*1)

This module sends a simple email message. It sanitizes and validates the "to" and "from" email addresses before anything is sent through. The module has been tested and designe for the Anax-MVC., (*2)

By Joakim Sehlstedt, (*3)


To make full use of the module gitclone a copy of the Anax-MVC., (*4)

You can either copy the files from this repository or use the composer package at packagist.org/packages/jox/cemail., (*5)

To test the module from a anax front-controller run the following code ., (*6)

// Standard $di object creation
$di = new \Anax\DI\CDIFactoryDefault();

// Set your services here
$di->set('email', '\Jox\Email\CEmail');

// Standard injection of services into Anax $app object.
$app = new \Anax\Kernel\CAnax($di);

Run this from within your preferred route., (*7)

// Send email and recieve send status string
$res = $app->email->sendEmail('from-whatever@example.com', 'to-whatever@example.com', 'Message Subjectline', 'Message body...');

The result of your sending will show up in the form of a string message in the $res variable., (*8)

You can also test the function from the test.php file in the webroot folder included in the package., (*9)

Don't forget to change the email addresses in the examples otherwise you wont see any messages!, (*10)

Good luck!, (*11)


This software is free software and carries a MIT license., (*12)



v1.0 (latest), (*13)

Initial release., (*14)

Copyright 2014 by Joakim Sehlstedt, (*15)

The Versions

08/05 2014


9999999-dev https://github.com/joxiba

Classes for sending email

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The Requires

  • php >=5.4