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Modular Structure Generator for Laravel 5



Modular Structure Generator for Laravel 5

  • Friday, July 22, 2016
  • by hsameerc
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Laravel Modular Structure


, (*1)


The best way to install this package is through your terminal via Composer., (*2)

Add the following line to the composer.json file and fire composer update, (*3)

"hsameerc/laravel-modular-structure": "dev-master"

Once this operation is complete, simply add the service provider to your project's config/app.php, (*4)

Service Provider


, (*5)

Getting started

The built in Artisan command php artisan make:module name [--migration] [--translation] generates a ready to use module in the app/Modules folder and a migration if necessary., (*6)

You can generate modules named with more than one word, like foo-bar., (*7)

This is how the generated module would look like:, (*8)

    |-- Modules/
        |-- FooBar/
            |-- Controllers/
                |-- FooBarController.php
            |-- Models/
                |-- FooBar.php
            |-- Views/
                |-- index.blade.php
            |-- Translations/
                |-- en/
                    |-- example.php
            |-- Requests/
                |-- FooBarRequest.php
            |-- routes.php
            |-- helper.php

, (*9)


The generated RESTful Resource Controller and the corresponding routes.php make it easy to dive in. In my example you would see the output from the Modules/FooBar/Views/index.blade.php when you open laravel-project:8000/foo-bar in your browser., (*10)

Disable modules

In case you want to disable one ore more modules, you can add a modules.php into your projects app/config folder. This file should return an array with the module names that should be loaded. F.a:, (*11)

return [
    'enable' => array(

In this case LaravelModularStructure would only load this three modules customer jobs reporting. Every other module in the app/Modules folder would not be loaded., (*12)

Laravel Modular Structure will load all modules if there is no modules.php file in the config folder., (*13)

You have to follow the upper camel case name convention for the module folder. If you had a Modules/foo folder you have to rename it to Modules/Foo., (*14)

Also there are changes in the app/config/modules.php file. Now you have to return an array with the key enable instead of list., (*15)


Laravel Modular Structure is licensed under the terms of the MIT License (See LICENSE file for details)., (*16)

The Versions

22/07 2016


9999999-dev https://github.com/hsameerc/LaravelModularStructure

Modular Structure Generator for Laravel 5

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by Sameer Humagain

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