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library guzzle-circuit-breaker-middleware

A Guzzle 6 middleware to integrate `ejsmont-artur/php-circuit-breaker`



A Guzzle 6 middleware to integrate `ejsmont-artur/php-circuit-breaker`

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Guzzle 6 Circuit-Breaker Middleware

Build Status, (*1)

This is a Guzzle 6 middleware that integrates https://github.com/ejsmont-artur/php-circuit-breaker., (*2)




Dependency Version Reason
php ~7.0 Anything lower has (almost) reached EOL
guzzlephp/promises ~6.2 Middlewares pass Promises around
psr/http-message ~1.0 Standardization, doh
ejsmont-artur/php-circuit-breaker ~0.1 Simple and robust Circuit Breaker implementation for PHP


This library is installed via composer., (*3)

composer require "flix-tech/guzzle-circuit-breaker-middleware=~1.0"


NOTE It is recommended that this middleware is on top of the stack so that if a service is unavailable, it can instantly reject without going further down the chain., (*4)

With the default configuration, this middleware will inspect the PSR-7 requests for either a transport option key "circuit_breaker.requested_service_name" exposed via Middleware::CB_TRANSFER_OPTION_KEY in the request options array, or a request header "X-CB-Service-Name" exposed via Middleware::CB_SERVICE_NAME_HEADER. You can pass an own service name extractor callable that takes the form f(RequestInterface $request, array $requestOptions): string., (*5)

The service name will be used to look up the availability in the circuit breaker. If it is not available, it will be instantly rejected with a CircuitBreakerIsClosedException., (*6)

If the request was successful, the middleware will report a success to the circuit breaker for the given service. Otherwise it will report a failure and pass the rejection further down the chain., (*7)

You can pass a custom exception map into the middleware with which you can control which exception types and values should actually trigger a failure report. I.e. a 404 might be a failed configuration issue and might not trigger failure reports. The exception map callback takes the form f($rejectedValue): bool., (*8)



use Ejsmont\CircuitBreaker\Factory;
use FlixTech\CircuitBreakerMiddleware\Middleware;
use GuzzleHttp\Client;
use GuzzleHttp\Exception\RequestException;
use GuzzleHttp\HandlerStack;
use GuzzleHttp\Handler\CurlHandler;
use Psr\Http\Message\RequestInterface;

$circuitBreaker = Factory::getSingleApcInstance();

$serviceNameExtractor = function (RequestInterface $request, array $options) {
    if (\array_key_exists('my_custom_option_key', $options)) {
        return $options['my_custom_option_key'];

    return null;

$exceptionMap = function ($rejectedValue) {
    if ($rejectedValue instanceof RequestException && $rejectedValue->getResponse()) {
        return 404 !== $rejectedValue->getResponse()->getStatusCode();

    return true;

$middleware = new Middleware(

$handlerStack = HandlerStack::create(new CurlHandler());

$client = new Client(['handler' => $handlerStack]);


To run the tests, just run ./vendor/bin/phpunit from the root of the project after installing the dev requirements., (*9)


In order to contribute to this library, follow this workflow:, (*10)

  • Fork the repository
  • Create a feature branch
  • Work on the feature
  • Run tests to verify that the tests are passing
  • Open a PR to the upstream master branch
  • See any Travis CI messages popping up on your PR
  • Be happy about contributing to open source!

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A Guzzle 6 middleware to integrate `ejsmont-artur/php-circuit-breaker`

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