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Binds Symfony and Flint components together with Silex



Binds Symfony and Flint components together with Silex

  • Friday, December 18, 2015
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Brick is the new version of Flint. It brings power and awesomeness to Silex by bridging Silex with multiple components from Symfony and Flint., (*1)


This is build using the next generation of Silex and Pimple. It does not require the full installation of Silex but only its Api package., (*2)

Because the next Pimple and Silex versions are still in development, usage of Brick is currently not recommended., (*3)


Documentation can be found in the doc directory or rendered at read the docs.., (*4)


Brick is tested with PhpSpec and its service providers have integration tests powered by PHPUnit. Both can be run with, (*5)

``` bash $ ./vendor/bin/phpspec $ phpunit, (*6)

### Updating providers subsplit First install https://github.com/dflydev/git-subsplit. Then update the subsplit and publish it to the right repository. ``` bash $ git subsplit publish src/Provider:git@github.com:flint/providers.git --heads=master --update

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