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Advanced Custom Fields helper for WordPress



Advanced Custom Fields helper for WordPress

  • Wednesday, August 20, 2014
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FlexPress acf component

Install with Pimple

The acf component uses three classes - AbstractFieldGroup - You extend this to add acf field groups - AbstractFieldProxy - You extend this to add acf fields, it works as a proxy as the way acf fields work makes them create the hooks too early, so by using a proxy we can make it add hooks to register them at the correct time. - Helper - Helper to add the field groups and fields, fields register themselves and field groups use register_field_group to register., (*1)

Lets create a pimple config for both of all of these:, (*2)

$pimple["documentDetailsFieldGroup"] = function () {
  return new DocumentDetails();

$pimple["flexibleLayoutProxy"] = function ($c) {
  return new FlexibleLayoutProxy($c);

 $pimple['ACFHelper'] = function ($c) {
    return new ACFHelper($c['objectStorage'], $c['objectStorage'], 
  • Note the dependency $c['objectStorage'] is a SPLObjectStorage

Creating a concreate AbstractFieldGroup class

Create a concreate class that implements the AbstractFieldGroup class and implements the getconfig() method., (*3)

class DocumentDetails extends AbstractFieldGroup {

    public function getConfig()
        return array(
          // config would be set in here


What we have in the example above a class that has the method getConfig(), this returns the config array that you get when exporting a acf field group., (*4)

And that's it, next lets make a AbstractFieldProxy, (*5)

Creating a concreate AbstractFieldProxy class

For a AbstractFieldProxy class we just need to extends the AbstractFieldProxy class and implement the getDICName method, lets do that now:, (*6)

class DocumentDetails extends AbstractFieldProxy {

    public function getDICName()
        return 'flexibleLayoutField';


What this does by extends the AbstractFieldProxy it adds a hook for acf/register_fields and uses the DIC you pass as a dependency to it along with the name you specify in the getDICName method to create an instance of the field in the acf/register_fields action., (*7)


As previously stated the AbstractFieldProxy automatically hooks itself up but for the field groups you need to call registerFieldGroups on the helper like this:, (*8)

$helper = $pimple['ACFHelper'];

Public methods - Helper

  • registerFieldGroups() - Registers all the field groups attached to the helper

Public methods - AbstractFieldProxy

  • registerField() - Registers the field by using the DIC and the dic config name specified in getDICName().
  • getDICName() - Used to specify the config name in the DIC.

Public methods - AbstractFieldGroup

  • getConfig() - Used to return the acf field group config array.

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Advanced Custom Fields helper for WordPress

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Advanced Custom Fields helper for WordPress

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