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BDD-style testing framework



BDD-style testing framework

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Modern PHP Testing for everyone, (*2)

Codeception is a modern full-stack testing framework for PHP. Inspired by BDD, it provides an absolutely new way of writing acceptance, functional and even unit tests. Powered by PHPUnit., (*3)

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At Codeception we are glad to receive contributions from the community. If you want to send additions or fixes to the code or the documentation please check the Contributing guide., (*4)

At a Glance

Describe what you test and how you test it. Use PHP to write descriptions faster., (*5)

Run tests and see what actions were taken and what results were seen., (*6)

Sample test

``` php $I->amOnPage('/'); $I->click('Pages'); $I->click('New'); $I->see('New Page'); $I->submitForm('form#new_page', ['title' => 'Movie Review']); $I->see('page created'); // notice generated $I->see('Movie Review','h1'); // head of page of is our title $I->seeInCurrentUrl('pages/movie-review'); // slug is generated $I->seeInDatabase('pages', ['title' => 'Movie Review']); // data is stored in database, (*7)

For unit testing you can stay on classic PHPUnit tests, as Codeception can run them too. ## Installation ### Composer

php composer.phar require "codeception/codeception", (*8)

TODO: Document how to install the modules, e.g.

php composer.phar require "codeception/module-phpbrowser", (*9)

### Phar Download [codecept.phar](http://codeception.com/codecept.phar) Copy it into your project. You can also make Codeception an executable and it put it into your `$PATH`, for instance:

wget http://codeception.com/codecept.phar, (*10)

chmod +x codecept.phar, (*11)

sudo mv codecept.phar /usr/local/bin/codecept, (*12)

You can then run Codecept in the command line using: `codecept bootstrap`, `codecept run`, etc Run CLI utility:

php codecept.phar, (*13)

See also [Installation](http://codeception.com/install) | **[QuickStart](http://codeception.com/quickstart)** ## Getting Started After you successfully installed Codeception, run this command:

codecept bootstrap ```, (*14)

This will create a default directory structure and default test suites., (*15)


View Documentation, (*16)

The documentation source files can be found at https://github.com/Codeception/codeception.github.com/tree/master/docs/., (*17)


MIT, (*18)

(c) Codeception Team 2011-2020, (*19)

The Versions

20/12 2015

2.1.5 http://codeception.com/

BDD-style testing framework

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