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Extension for Laravel to natively integrate with Agile Data (http://git.io/ad)



Extension for Laravel to natively integrate with Agile Data (http://git.io/ad)

  • Wednesday, December 7, 2016
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A drop-in integration for Laravel 5+ to allow use of Aglie Data natively., (*1)

php example, (*2)


Essential: (absolutely needed) * ServiceProvider -- This is the entry point for registering any third-party library with laravel. * Registering AD with the DI container -- Wiring up AD. At the bare minimum there would need to be a binding that resolved return \atk4\data\Persistence::connect(PDO_DSN, USER, PASS); so the user can get a $db instance Important: (if you want to make it easier for migrating from Eloquent) * Migration console commands -- Eloquent provides console commands that let a user migrate up/down based on model changes. I know AD already has an extension for this so it would just be a matter of writing the commands to use AD * Auth -- Need to write a user provider so that laravel's built in auth can get and verify a user Nice To Have: * Validation that uses DB -- A couple route validation methods access the database (exists, unique). These would need to be overridden with custom validators (in the ServiceProvider) * Collections -- This might be better for the Important category but i don't know how much they are used. Any set of entities loaded from Eloquent are a Collection. They support a bunch of in memory functional methods like pluck, map, etc.. Having a model init with their many relationships loaded as a laravel Collection would definitely help people who rely heavily on them already., (*3)

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