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SendGrid email sending wrapper for the Athens framework.



SendGrid email sending wrapper for the Athens framework.

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Send your Athens framework emails using your SendGrid account., (*2)

By default, the Athens framework uses the Php command send to deliver emails. If you have a SendGrid account, you can use this package to send your emails using SendGrid instead., (*3)


Because this package has depends on multiple other packages, we strongly recommend installing it using Composer. Add athens/sendgrid to your your composer.json:, (*4)

"require": {
        "athens/sendgrid": "0.*",

Then update/install your Composer dependencies., (*5)

If you haven't already done so, create a SendGrid API key. Paste that into your local_settings.php:, (*6)

define('SENDGRID_API_KEY', 'mybiglongsendgridapikey');

Now define your default emailer in setup.php:, (*7)

use Athens\Core\Etc\Settings;

That's it! If you provided the correct API key, your Athens emails are now being sent with SendGrid! Check your SendGrid dashboard to confirm., (*8)

Getting Involved

Feel free to open pull requests or issues. GitHub is the canonical location of this project., (*9)

Here's the general sequence of events for code contribution:, (*10)

  1. Open an issue in the issue tracker.
  2. In any order:
    • Submit a pull request with a failing test that demonstrates the issue/feature.
    • Get acknowledgement/concurrence.
  3. Revise your pull request to pass the test in (2). Include documentation, if appropriate.

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03/02 2017
11/02 2016


SendGrid email sending wrapper for the Athens framework.

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