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Lithium PHP Markdown parser



Lithium PHP Markdown parser

  • Saturday, May 26, 2012
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Markdown parser for Lithium PHP

Lithium library for parsing markdown, uses PHP Markdown Extra., (*1)

PHP Markdown Extra version: 1.2.4, (*2)


Use Composer

Best Option, (*3)

Modify your projects composer.json file, (*4)

~~~ json { "require": { ... "joseym/li3_markdown": "master" ... } }, (*5)

Run `php composer.phar install` (or `php composer.phar update`) and, aside from adding it to your Libraries, you should be good to go. ### Submodule or Clone > Select one of the following Clone/Download the plugin into your app's ``libraries`` directory. __Submodule__ From your `app` directory: git submodule add git://github.com/joseym/li3_markdown.git libraries/li3_markdown __Clone__ From your `app/libraries` directory: git clone git://github.com/joseym/li3_markdown.git ## Usage: To enable the library add the following line at the end of `app/config/bootstrap/libraries.php`: Libraries::add('li3_markdown'); ### Markdown Views To parse an entire view with markdown simply name your template something similar to:

view_name.md.php, (*6)

the renderer will see that it's a markdown template and render it, otherwise it will render it like normal. ### Selective Rendering > This is a helper method that allows you to selectively render text thru the markdown parser. To render the result within a template file simply call the `markdown` helper and run `display`: ~~~ php <?php echo $this->markdown->display($markup) ?>


As always, I welcome your collaboration to make things "even more betterer", so fork and contribute if you feel the need., (*7)


The Versions

26/05 2012


9999999-dev https://github.com/joseym/li3_markdown/blob/master/README.md

Lithium PHP Markdown parser

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