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KML Library for Lithium Li3 PHP



KML Library for Lithium Li3 PHP

  • Sunday, April 12, 2015
  • by johnnyfortune
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KML Plugin for Lithium PHP

A plugin to assist with the creation of KML Files from Database Models., (*1)

Currently supports Google KML, (*2)


__Composer__ (best option), (*3)

Modify your projects composer.json file, (*4)

~~~ json { "require": { ... "johnny13/li3_backpack": "dev-master" ... } }, (*5)

Run `php composer.phar install` (or `php composer.phar update`) and, aside from adding it to your Libraries, you should be good to go. *** __Submodule__ (If you feel like it) From the root of your app run `git submodule add git://github.com/johnny13/li3_backpack.git libraries/li3_analytics` *** __Clone Directly__ (meh) From your apps `libraries` directory run `git clone git://github.com/johnny13/li3_backpack.git` ## Usage ### Load the plugin Add the plugin to be loaded with Lithium's autoload magic In `app/config/bootstrap/libraries.php` add: ~~~ php <?php Libraries::add('li3_analytics'); ?>

Create KML Files

There is a repo with an example app. johnny13/backpack., (*6)


Have an idea for a tracker? Wanna take point on one of the trackers listed above? Please do!, (*7)

Fork and submit a pull request, lets make this awesome., (*8)


TODO, (*9)

The Versions

12/04 2015


9999999-dev https://github.com/johnny13/li3_backpack/blob/master/README.md

KML Library for Lithium Li3 PHP

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