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robo-tasks robo-digipolis-drupal8

Basic deploy flow for a Drupal 8 site.



Basic deploy flow for a Drupal 8 site.

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Robo Digipolis Drupal8

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Used by digipolis, serving as an example., (*3)

This package contains a RoboFileBase class that can be used in your own RoboFile. All commands can be overwritten by overwriting the parent method., (*4)



use DigipolisGent\Robo\Drupal8\RoboFileBase;

class RoboFile extends RoboFileBase
    use \Robo\Task\Base\loadTasks;

     * @inheritdoc
    public function digipolisDeployDrupal8(
        array $arguments,
        $opts = [
            'app' => 'default',
            'site-name' => 'Drupal',
            'profile' => 'standard',
            'force-install' => false,
            'config-import' => false,
            'existing-config' => false,
            'worker' => null,
    ) {
        $collection = parent::digipolisDeployDrupal8($arguments, $opts);
        return $collection;

Available commands

Following the example above, these commands will be available:, (*5)

digipolis:backup-drupal8           Create a backup of files
(sites/default/files) and database.
digipolis:build-drupal8            Build a Drupal 8 site and package it.
digipolis:clean-dir                Partially clean directories.
digipolis:clear-op-cache           Command digipolis:database-backup.
digipolis:database-backup          Command digipolis:database-backup.
digipolis:database-restore         Command digipolis:database-restore.
digipolis:deploy-drupal8           Build a Drupal 8 site and push it to the
digipolis:download-backup-drupal8  Download a backup of files
(sites/default/files) and database.
digipolis:init-drupal8-remote      Install or update a drupal 8 remote site.
digipolis:install-drupal8          Install the D8 site in the current folder.
digipolis:package-project          Package a directory into an archive.
digipolis:push-package             Command digipolis:push-package.
digipolis:restore-backup-drupal8   Restore a backup of files
(sites/default/files) and database.
digipolis:sync-drupal8             Sync the database and files between two
Drupal 8 sites.
digipolis:update-drupal8           Executes D8 database updates of the D8 site
in the current folder.
digipolis:upload-backup-drupal8    Upload a backup of files
(sites/default/files) and database to a server.

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