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This bundle offers additional functionality for the isotope ecommerce system.



This bundle offers additional functionality for the isotope ecommerce system.

  • Thursday, July 26, 2018
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This repo is abandoned -> use https://github.com/heimrichhannot/contao-isotope-extension-bundle instead., (*1)

[Abandoned!!] Contao Isotope Bundle

Build Status Coverage Status, (*2)

This bundle offers additional functionality for the isotope ecommerce system., (*3)


List not complete, (*4)

  • Stock managment
  • Sets
  • Booking functionality (book a ressource (product) for specific time)

Also read Contao Isotope_Plus Documentation for more information about included features., (*5)


composer require heimrichhannot/contao-isotope-bundle

You need to call the database update tool after install., (*6)

If you update from an older version as 0.8 or from isotope_plus module, you need to call the upgrade command (see Developers)., (*7)

We recommend use Contao Encore for assets managment., (*8)



, (*9)

To add booking functionality to a product, you need to active the booking action in the frontend module for bookable products., (*10)

In the backend, you can add the fields bookingOverview, bookingReservedDates and bookingOverview., (*11)

Field Description
bookingOverview Days to block around booking date (for shipping, printing, ...)
bookingReservedDates Reserve date to block booking
bookingOverview Displays a calendar containing informations about booked items.

Skip products for shipping price calculation

You can declare products to be skipped in shipping price calculation at the shipping method configuration. You can only add these products to shipping methods of type flat. You can only declar products to be skipped that belong to the product types declared in the shipping method configuration. These flat-shipping methods need to be add to a shipping method of type group. The shipping method of type group then needs to be chosen as shipping method on the checkout module., (*12)


Upgrade from older version or module

If you upgrade from Isotope_Plus or the bundle prior to version 0.8, you should use the upgrade command to setup the product data table., (*13)

# From project folder:
php vendor/bin/contao-console huh:isotope:upgrade

This command fills the product data table based on the data stored in product table., (*14)


For more informations use the help function ([command] --help)., (*15)

Command Description Attributes Options
huh:isotope:upgrade Mirrors product data to the product data table - overwriteExistingEntries

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