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lithium-library li3b_users

A core library, using li3b_core, for user authentication.



A core library, using li3b_core, for user authentication.

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Li3 Bootstrap Users

This library is designed for use with Lithium Bootstrap. It will provide a basic user system for your application., (*1)

It requires MongoDB for the user storage and session handling. Installation instructions below assume you have MongoDB installed., (*2)


This library relies on li3_access: https://github.com/tmaiaroto/li3_access, (*3)

Quick Installation

Ensure you have Lithium Bootstrap: https://github.com/tmaiaroto/li3_bootstrap OR, at least, the core library installed to your app: https://github.com/tmaiaroto/li3b_core, (*4)

Run the Lithium console command: li3 bootstrap install li3b_users, (*5)

This will clone this repository into your libraries folder and configure it for use automatically., (*6)

Installation The Hard Way

If you didn't start with the example Lithium Bootstrap project: https://github.com/tmaiaroto/li3_bootstrap, (*7)

Then ensure you have Lithium Bootstrap core library: https://github.com/tmaiaroto/li3b_core, (*8)

Ensure it is added to your main application. Also ensure you have all of the dependencies (li3_flash_message, etc.) and ensure they have been added with Libraries::add() as well., (*9)

Clone this repository into your libraries directory (or submodule) and ensure you also have li3_access: https://github.com/tmaiaroto/li3_access, (*10)

Ensure both li3_access and li3b_users have been added to your main application with Libraries::add()., (*11)

You should be good to go. You may want to play around with the routing though., (*12)

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12/09 2013


9999999-dev http://github.com/tmaiaroto/li3b_users

A core library, using li3b_core, for user authentication.

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