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Simplify is a lean, content-first theme based the Jekyll theme Lanyon (http://getpoole.com/lanyon/) and uses the WordPress starter theme Sage as a base.



Simplify is a lean, content-first theme based the Jekyll theme Lanyon (http://getpoole.com/lanyon/) and uses the WordPress starter theme Sage as a base.

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Build Status devDependency Status, (*1)

Sage is a WordPress starter theme based on HTML5 Boilerplate, gulp, Bower, and Bootstrap Sass, that will help you make better themes., (*2)


Prerequisite How to check How to install
PHP >= 5.4.x php -v php.net
Node.js 0.12.x node -v nodejs.org
gulp >= 3.8.10 gulp -v npm install -g gulp
Bower >= 1.3.12 bower -v npm install -g bower

For more installation notes, refer to the Install gulp and Bower section in this document., (*3)


  • gulp build script that compiles both Sass and Less, checks for JavaScript errors, optimizes images, and concatenates and minifies files
  • BrowserSync for keeping multiple browsers and devices synchronized while testing, along with injecting updated CSS and JS into your browser while you're developing
  • Bower for front-end package management
  • asset-builder for the JSON file based asset pipeline
  • Sass Bootstrap
  • Theme wrapper
  • ARIA roles and microformats
  • Posts use the hNews microformat
  • Multilingual ready and over 30 available community translations

Install the Soil plugin to enable additional features:, (*4)

  • Cleaner output of wp_head and enqueued assets
  • Cleaner HTML output of navigation menus
  • Root relative URLs
  • Nice search (/search/query/)
  • Google CDN jQuery snippet from HTML5 Boilerplate
  • Google Analytics snippet from HTML5 Boilerplate


Clone the git repo - git clone https://github.com/roots/sage.git and then rename the directory to the name of your theme or website., (*5)

If you don't use Bedrock, you'll need to add the following to your wp-config.php on your development installation:, (*6)

define('WP_ENV', 'development');


Edit lib/config.php to enable or disable theme features, (*7)

Edit lib/init.php to setup navigation menus, post thumbnail sizes, post formats, and sidebars., (*8)

Theme development

Sage uses gulp as its build system and Bower to manage front-end packages., (*9)

Install gulp and Bower

Building the theme requires node.js. We recommend you update to the latest version of npm: npm install -g npm@latest., (*10)

From the command line:, (*11)

  1. Install gulp and Bower globally with npm install -g gulp bower
  2. Navigate to the theme directory, then run npm install
  3. Run bower install

You now have all the necessary dependencies to run the build process., (*12)

Available gulp commands

  • gulp — Compile and optimize the files in your assets directory
  • gulp watch — Compile assets when file changes are made
  • gulp --production — Compile assets for production (no source maps).

Using BrowserSync

To use BrowserSync during gulp watch you need to update devUrl at the bottom of assets/manifest.json to reflect your local development hostname., (*13)

For example, if your local development URL is http://project-name.dev you would update the file to read:, (*14)

  "config": {
    "devUrl": "http://project-name.dev"

If your local development URL looks like http://localhost:8888/project-name/ you would update the file to read:, (*15)

  "config": {
    "devUrl": "http://localhost:8888/project-name/"


Sage documentation is available at https://roots.io/sage/docs/., (*16)


Contributions are welcome from everyone. We have contributing guidelines to help you get started., (*17)


Keep track of development and community news., (*18)

The Versions

02/06 2015


9999999-dev https://github.com/slogsdon/simplify

Simplify is a lean, content-first theme based the Jekyll theme Lanyon (http://getpoole.com/lanyon/) and uses the WordPress starter theme Sage as a base.

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