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Simple Email Queue



Simple Email Queue

  • Sunday, October 30, 2016
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Simple Email Queue

Plugin homepage | Plugin author | Plus Version, (*1)

Simple Email Queue is a WordPress plugin that is used to pass restrictions set by your host on number of sent emails in given period., (*2)

This basic free version is only useful for developers that can extend it and use it in their code. If you want to use it in full capacity, consider getting plus version., (*3)


First, you need to set what is maximum number of emails that can be sent in a given period. By default, it sends 10 emails in 6 minutes. This means that if you want to send 15 emails in 6 minutes, only 10 emails are sent while rest 5 emails are put in queue and sent in the next period, after 6th minute has passed., (*4)

You can change this limits by using filters from you code. Filter simple_email_queue_max is used to set maximum number of emails that are sent in period. It expects positive integer to be passed., (*5)

add_filter( 'simple_email_queue_max', function( $max ) {
    return 20;
} );

To change period length, you can use filter simple_email_queue_interval. It also expects positive integer to be passed but please take care that this number is of seconds, not minutes (for example, if your period is 30 minutes, you would pass 1800)., (*6)

add_filter( 'simple_email_queue_interval', function( $interval ) {
    return 10 * MINUTE_IN_SECONDS;
} );

Different hosts use different limits. Please consult your host's documentation or support to find this out., (*7)

If you want user interface in your admin area, use plus version., (*8)

To use this limits, you need to use function simple_email_queue_add() instead of built-in function wp_mail(). Both accept same parameters. Emails that are sent using wp_mail() function are not sent using queue and are not counted for limits. If you want that all emails are sent using queue, even those sent using wp_mail() function, use plus version., (*9)

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