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A powerful and responsive blog system powered by laravel.



A powerful and responsive blog system powered by laravel.

  • Sunday, April 8, 2018
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Xblog: responsive and powerful!
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Powerful and responsive blog system powered by laravel 5.4. Click https://lufficc.com to view live demo., (*2)

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This blog is for my own use. I used to use hexo and github pages as my blog, but it's not flexible. Thus I write this blog. What I want to say is laravel is the best php framework I've ever seen., (*8)

Later I will share some experience of writing this blog, welcome your watch., (*9)

If you find bugs , glad you to issue., (*10)


  1. Markdown editor,upload images to qiniu cloud by drag or from clipboard.
  2. Write in fullscreen mode, real time preview, hot keys, auto saving, code highlight.
  3. Manage your post!!(publish, undo, soft delete, delete, restore, draft).
  4. Improved comment system ,support markdown. Optional for duoshuo, disqus comment,
  5. Support close comment. You can also use different comment system(duoshuo,disqus) for special post or force open or close special comment.
  6. Notification with email when someone reply your post.
  7. Posts with category, tags,code highlight and different status.
  8. Images and files management, admin settings.
  9. ..............More..............


  1. "php": ">=5.6.4"


laravel-china, (*11)


This blog is open-sourced software licensed under the MIT license., (*12)

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